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USMC Force Recon Shirts, T-shirts and Clothing.

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The United States Marine Corps Workout (VHS) US Marines - Semper Fidelis T-shirt

United States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance (Force Recon) units are special-purposes units roughly analogous to the Navy SEALs, Air Force Air Commandos, or U.S. Army Special Forces and are widely recognized as the "special forces" of the Marine Corps. Marine Force Recon personnel, or 'operators,' perform highly specialized, small scale, high-risk operations, such as: * Amphibious and deep ground surveillance. * Assist in specialized technical missions such as Weapons of mass destruction(NBC), Radio, sensors and beacons, etc. * Assist in ordnance delivery (i.e., designating targets for close air support, artillery and naval gunfire). * Conduct 'limited scale raids,' such as gas and oil platform (GOPLATS) raids and the capture of specific personnel or sensitive materials. * Hostage/Prisoner of war rescue.



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